Grahame Palmer is a Marketing Communications specialist with nearly 30 years’ experience in the industry. He has broad knowledge of traditional marketing and communications methodologies, as well as digital and web-based systems using eCommerce and eMarketing.

Using this extensive bank of knowledge and experience gained over many years in the "traditional" environment, Grahame has made sure to keep abreast of trends and developments in the marketplace. He looks to the future, mindful of the fact that technology is changing rapidly, and that the successful entrepreneurs of the future will be those who use traditional business disciplines that they can adapt and apply in this digital age.

Having project-managed numerous campaigns in both agency and corporate settings across a wide range of industry sectors, Grahame has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of business in this exciting industry.

Grahame is currently Managing Director of All Things Ecommerce Ltd – a niche online retailing organisation focusing on transforming well-supported traditional high-street retail sectors into viable online ventures.

He defines his role as: "Doing the best possible job to ensure that good customers are won, and retained."


In February 2013, All Things Ecommerce started its first online retail venture aimed at the consumer market. This venture focuses on engraving services and products. The site was launched in early April 2013, and within minutes of going live, started taking orders. It was viable almost immediately and grew very rapidly.

Visit TAGMAKERS to see this venture in operation.




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